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Melissa Behrend

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Essential Checklist for Hiring and Managing People...

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 30, 2020
People form the core of every business. The way you hire and manage your people can enhance the performance of your organisation. We’ve put together a brief employment checklist to help you make smarter HR decisions. With the right foundations and framework in place, you are better able to manage your business and protect it when things go wrong.....
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COVID-19 Top 4 websites for the best advice

by Melissa Behrend | Mar 20, 2020
In this fluid environment in unprecedented times, there are a lot of questions stemming from employers and employees about their responsibilities and who to believe. There is a plethora of information available but lets get to the source, what are some of the most informative websites around:....
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The 5 things you can do to protect yourself and your business.

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 7, 2019
Use existing / available resources Fair Work have a range of free tools on website www.fairwork.gov.au that can help companies comply, including Pay and conditions tool, which can provide minimum relevant rates of pay A range of resources designed to help improve supply chain management (if applicable) Email alerts for minimum wages updates Fact Sheets Companies can access the Fair Work Site to access free tools, download fact sheets or contact Fair Work directly for advice on pay, terms and conditions. You can now subscribe to updates which are relevant to you, and this will come directly to your inbox. Know your Awards Companies should know which award/s apply to their employee’s, and whether you are meeting all obligations under that award. The Award sets the minimum terms and conditions for employees. Again, the Fair Work website can assist you find our what Award / s are relevant to your business, by using the Award finder. Sometimes this is not exact, and if you are unsure, feel free to call us for assistance.....
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Employee Engagement

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 7, 2019
Regardless of how many employees you have, it is really important to have them engaged in your workplace.....
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Underpayments or Wage Theft?

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 23, 2019
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Underpayments and Awards

by Melissa Behrend | Nov 13, 2017
Every day we hear in the news a company being fined for underpayments to workers. There has even been an ammendment to the Fair Work Act for the protection of vulnerable workers.....
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Parental Leave revisted

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 6, 2017
When you have an employee who is requesting parental leave, the onus is not just on the employer to ensure all the requirements are managed, employees also have responsibilities in informing their employers of their intentions. This sometimes is missed by both parties, so its best as an employer for you to understand the requirements and ensure that either you or your employees follow these. Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net It is the responsibility of the employee to notify their employer at least 10 weeks prior to taking parental leave, if not before. Also if the employee wishes to work 6 weeks leading up to the expecting birth date, the employer can request a medical certificate to state the employee is fit to perform work and if they can continue their current position during this time. The employee should also put in writing at least 4 weeks prior to taking leave, the amount of time which they intend to take off. An employee is entitled to take 12 months of unpaid parental leave and also to request an additional 12 months. Questions which are common for business owners at this time is what happens if my employee states they will take 12 months parental leave how do I manage with a replacement. Do I get in a contractor for this time? What happens if the employee says they want to come back to work before the 12 months is up? If an employee wishes to return to work earlier then expected you can assess the request and if it suits the business for this to occur ....
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How much sick leave is to much?

by Melissa Behrend | Aug 9, 2017
In the small and medium sized business market, it becomes sometimes very difficult to manage your business when an employee takes to much sick leave. There appears to be a fine line between dimissing the employee for excessive sick leave and ensuring that you are not adversely treating your employee.....
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