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Employee Engagement & the Employee Lifecycle

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 29, 2020
It can be hard to retain your workers long-term. That’s why smart employers go early and go hard to boost employee engagement, giving their staff every reason to stay. Within your business you can develop an employee engagement strategy covering every stage of the work lifecycle. This will help you build a strong and enduring employer brand - ensuring you win and retain top talent, now and into the future.....
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Managing the Employee Lifecycle and Employer Brand.

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 22, 2020
When was the last time you analysed the lifecycle of your employees? Or how the employee experience affects your employer brand? With the events of this year, chances are these have been low on your list – if they feature at all. Yet focus on the employee lifecycle is critical, with discerning Millennials liable to ‘job hop’ if their current role isn’t up to scratch. And Talent Board statistics show employer branding is number one global recruiting focus for 2020.....
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