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Employee Engagement & the Employee Lifecycle

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 29, 2020
  It can be hard to retain your workers long-term. That’s why smart employers go early and go hard to boost employee engagement, giving their staff every reason to stay.   Within your business you can develop an employee engagement strategy covering every stage of the work lifecycle. This will help you build a strong and enduring employer brand - ensuring you win and retain top talent, now and into the future.....
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Managing the Employee Lifecycle and Employer Brand.

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 22, 2020
When was the last time you analysed the lifecycle of your employees? Or how the employee experience affects your employer brand?   With the events of this year, chances are these have been low on your list – if they feature at all. Yet focus on the employee lifecycle is critical, with discerning Millennials liable to ‘job hop’ if their current role isn’t up to scratch. And Talent Board statistics show employer branding is number one global recruiting focus for 2020.....
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How to Boost Retention

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 7, 2020
Everyone loses employees occasionally. Yet high staff turnover can signal problems at the heart of your workplace.   Even if the trickle isn’t yet a flood, it’s important to analyse why valued employees are leaving you to join your competitors.....
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How to Manage Parental Leave

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 23, 2020
Changes to Parental Leave   Changes in the parental leave payment scheme took effect from July 1 this year, with important implications for employers across Australia.   Now your employees can claim under the Paid Parental Leave scheme in one fixed period and one flexible period.   What doesn’t change is how the employee is paid. Most payments of this scheme are paid to the employer who then pays the employee. However, the employee can also choose to have the payment directly from the Australian Government.....
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4 Future Work Trends You Should Consider.

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 16, 2020
4 Future Work Trends You Should Consider.   The way we work is changing, and it’s not all down to COVID-19. Employers across the globe were busy rearranging workplaces well before the global pandemic made its impact in 2020.  ....
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Handling Under Performance with Due Process

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 9, 2020
With unfair dismissal cases soaring during the COVID-19 pandemic, due process is essential when negotiating redundancy, dismissal and performance management.   According to the Fair Work Ombudsman, underperformance includes: Unsatisfactory work performance. Non-compliance with workplace rules and policies. Unacceptable workplace behaviour. Disruptive behaviour that impacts co-workers.....
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Managing Redundancies: Are They Genuine?

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 2, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a wave of redundancies across Australian services and industry. The ABS reports that 822,000 people lost their jobs in June and July These job losses span the travel, retail, finance, media, mining and education sectors.   As unemployment rises, so does the number of unfair dismissal cases being considered by the Fair Work Commission. That’s why it’s vital to follow due process if you are faced with implementing worker dismissals and redundancies.....
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Managing Dismissals in Uncertain Times

by Melissa Behrend | Aug 28, 2020
Dismissals are hard to handle at the best of times. When you are forced to dismiss staff during a pandemic, the difficulty factor just ratchets up.   The 2020 workplace has been defined by COVID-19. As a result, some of the signposts seem to have changed. Emotions are running high. People are anxious and reactive. Juggling home commitments and work – often remotely – is putting extra stress on family life.   Remote working can also make it harder for employers to support, monitor employees and ensure your team is productive and motivated.    ....
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The benefits of Outsourced HR support.

by Melissa Behrend | Aug 19, 2020
Business owners routinely use accountants for tax help and solicitors for legal assistance. So, why do many employers still struggle on regardless when it comes to all those curly staff and human resource issues? Don’t be a hero. Outsource your HR challenges to the right place, and gain a true business partner as well as a spot-on labour specialist.    ....
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5 tips for Employee Engagement During COVID-19.

by Melissa Behrend | Jul 6, 2020
We live in unpredictable times. On one hand, many workers are struggling to balance home working and family commitments during COVID-19. On the other, productivity is up for a significant portion of home workers who are now free of office distractions!   With some workers also transitioning back to workplaces, employers are now faced with the delicate task of balancing both remote and on-site working. The challenge will be different for every worker, so flexibility is key. Embrace this unique opportunity to get to know your workers better – and boost employee engagement.....
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