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How to strike the best home - office work balance

by Melissa Behrend | Mar 31, 2021
We’ve all heard about the benefits of remote work during the 2020 global pandemic. For some, it offers a quieter, more productive working space and greater flexibility around family responsibilities. Yet remote work and digital connection don’t suit everyone. Some workers are factory based, while others rely on direct interaction with the public to complete their daily tasks. So, how does today’s business strike the right balance in their workforce?....
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Topics: General HR

The importance of Induction and Onboarding Checklists

by Melissa Behrend | Mar 26, 2021
Starting a new job is daunting. That’s why a proper system of induction and onboarding is vital to put new hires at ease, introduce them to your business practices and prime them to succeed. Our induction and onboarding checklists can help you navigate this complex area, boosting your chance of success.....
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Advertising, Screening and Interviewing

by Melissa Behrend | Mar 10, 2021
When you screen candidates properly, you are far more likely to make a perfect match. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Yet hiring is a complex process requiring thought, structure and resources to find the right person for the role. Experienced HR consultants rely on their own, proven ways of finding, assessing and interviewing candidates to locate prime talent.....
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Topics: General HR

How to define and write a spot on Job Description

by Melissa Behrend | Mar 5, 2021
As an employer, you know the roles and responsibilities of every job in every department. You understand just how important it is to define each position in a clear and inclusive way. But if actually writing all that down is too daunting, or you're just too stretched, this guide can help you craft a fit-for-purpose job description which really cuts through.....
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Topics: General HR, Hiring

How to Manage Parental Leave

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 23, 2020
Changes to Parental Leave Changes in the parental leave payment scheme took effect from July 1 this year, with important implications for employers across Australia. Now your employees can claim under the Paid Parental Leave scheme in one fixed period and one flexible period. What doesn’t change is how the employee is paid. Most payments of this scheme are paid to the employer who then pays the employee. However, the employee can also choose to have the payment directly from the Australian Government.....
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The benefits of Outsourced HR support.

by Melissa Behrend | Aug 19, 2020
Business owners routinely use accountants for tax help and solicitors for legal assistance. So, why do many employers still struggle on regardless when it comes to all those curly staff and human resource issues? Don’t be a hero. Outsource your HR challenges to the right place, and gain a true business partner as well as a spot-on labour specialist.....
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Underpayments and Awards

by Melissa Behrend | Nov 13, 2017
Every day we hear in the news a company being fined for underpayments to workers. There has even been an ammendment to the Fair Work Act for the protection of vulnerable workers.....
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Cashing out Annual Leave.

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 26, 2016
If you are a business owner, small, large, or in between, annual leave can be a major liability. If you do not manage it properly, it can become a problem. When wage rates go up every year, so does your annual leave liability. It makes good business sense to manage it.....
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What business owners can learn from elite athletes .

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 26, 2016
Guest Blog.....
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Exciting times at HR On Call.

by Melissa Behrend | Jul 27, 2016
It's been a very exciting couple of weeks at HR On Call. We have featured in the Small Business section of the Herald Sun on July 20. Paul Beauchamp was written an article on "Dialling up HR help". In this article one of our clients is quoted as saying "outsourced HR is the perfect solution for a company of 20. We are not big enough to justify someone full time, but we want to make sure we're doing everything right from a legal perspective" Peter Williams Co founder Infiti Telecommunications.....
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