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4 tips when writing Position Descriptions

by Melissa Behrend | Feb 24, 2021
Consider Compliance when Writing Your Position Description It’s time to write a position description for that new job. Before you do, however, take some time to study Australian employment regulations – and stay on the right side of the law.....
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Tick the right boxes before you hire

by Melissa Behrend | Feb 18, 2021
Tick the Right Boxes Before You Hire It’s sometimes hard to know when you need new hires. There are so many questions. How many do I need? What hours should they work? What will they do? How can they support the customer journey?   Homework is vital. The more you research each role and its objectives, the more likely you are to make a spot-on hire.....
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Hiring the right people is an investment

by Melissa Behrend | Jan 20, 2021
Hire in Haste, Repent at Leisure!   It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. That wonderfully promising new hire has turned out to be a square peg in a round hole.    The decision impacts on a lot of aspects of your business but in purely financial terms, the hit feels even harder. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the US reveals the average cost of replacing an employee on fixed wages as six to nine months’ salary. The cost can be twice the salary in certain cases – especially for high-earning or executive level staff.   No business can afford the time, energy and investment in a wrong hiring decision.....
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How to manage a Multi-Generational Workforce.

by Melissa Behrend | Nov 25, 2020
Do you know a company that truly spans the generations? Many spruik the benefits of an ‘ageless’ workplace, but real inter-generational harmony is hard to achieve.  It’s a challenge.  Seasoned employees are working later and longer, as younger Millennials kick goals much earlier in their career.   HR consulting can help small and medium sized business balance the age scales, with practical solutions for the best of both worlds.....
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Generations in the workplace - what are the benefits?

by Melissa Behrend | Nov 19, 2020
The age-diverse workplace is here. Today’s work sites typically include Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Y and Baby Boomers working side by side. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends report, 56% of global companies are updating policies to engage workers across the generations.   The benefits of an age-diverse business far outweigh the challenges.  ....
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Employee Engagement & the Employee Lifecycle

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 29, 2020
  It can be hard to retain your workers long-term. That’s why smart employers go early and go hard to boost employee engagement, giving their staff every reason to stay.   Within your business you can develop an employee engagement strategy covering every stage of the work lifecycle. This will help you build a strong and enduring employer brand - ensuring you win and retain top talent, now and into the future.....
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Managing the Employee Lifecycle and Employer Brand.

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 22, 2020
When was the last time you analysed the lifecycle of your employees? Or how the employee experience affects your employer brand?   With the events of this year, chances are these have been low on your list – if they feature at all. Yet focus on the employee lifecycle is critical, with discerning Millennials liable to ‘job hop’ if their current role isn’t up to scratch. And Talent Board statistics show employer branding is number one global recruiting focus for 2020.....
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How to Boost Retention

by Melissa Behrend | Oct 7, 2020
Everyone loses employees occasionally. Yet high staff turnover can signal problems at the heart of your workplace.   Even if the trickle isn’t yet a flood, it’s important to analyse why valued employees are leaving you to join your competitors.....
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Essential Checklist for Hiring and Managing People...

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 30, 2020
People form the core of every business. The way you hire and manage your people can enhance the performance of your organisation.   We’ve put together a brief employment checklist to help you make smarter HR decisions.   With the right foundations and framework in place, you are better able to manage your business and protect it when things go wrong.....
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How to Manage Parental Leave

by Melissa Behrend | Sep 23, 2020
Changes to Parental Leave   Changes in the parental leave payment scheme took effect from July 1 this year, with important implications for employers across Australia.   Now your employees can claim under the Paid Parental Leave scheme in one fixed period and one flexible period.   What doesn’t change is how the employee is paid. Most payments of this scheme are paid to the employer who then pays the employee. However, the employee can also choose to have the payment directly from the Australian Government.....
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